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With over 12 years of designing and building custom cables for companies such as: Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Alpha Technologies, Intertel, Hypercom and Intermec, OCG is capable of building hand-assembled cable, cable for heavy duty power applications, RF Cables, custom molded plastic cable, flat-flex cable, cable for medical applications and more. Often, we are able to work within customer specifications, while lowering product costs.

OCG can also manufacture cables with an internal PCB of any design and encapsulate it with an overmold using the customer's logo and/or part number on the outside for product identity. Our moldmaker can custom design "Clamshell" plastic housings for those projects that do not require a fully encapsulated end-product.
Samples of Cables
Heavy Duty Power Cables Multiport Cables
Cable Breakout Box Heavy Duty Power Cables Molded Multiport Cables Heavy Duty
Battery Kit
RF Cables Wall Mount Medical Adaptor Flat Flex Cable Hand Assembled Cable
Molded Cable for Telecom Application Molded Audio/Video Cables    

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