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Contact OCG at 800-330-0304, for specs, pricing and delivery times on the following Wire-to-Board Connectors:
.049" (1.25mm) pitch disconnectable
.079" (2.0mm) pitch disconnectable connectors
.079" (2.0mm) mini-crimp series
.079" (2.0mm) pitch board-in connectors
.093" (2.36mm) disconnectable connectors for pins
.098" (2.5mm) pitch disconnectable connectors
.098" (2.5mm) pitch board-in connectors
.098" (2.5mm) center series
.098" (2.5mm) disk drive power connection system
.100" (2.54mm) center crimp terminal housing
.100" (2.54mm) center single row (double row) mini latch housing & headers
.156" (3.96mm) pitch disconnectable wafers & sockets for medium-current applications
.156" (3.96mm) center series
.156" (3.96mm) pitch headers
.197" (5.0mm) pitch disconnectable connectors with anti-misinsertion construction
.2" (5.08mm) disk drive power connection system
Ring Tongue Terminal
Additional Miscellaneous Connectors

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